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Available $1000

  • Gender: Female
  • Color: Charcoal Silver
  • Birthday: 2/12/2023
  • Name Origin: Ursa Major Constellation
  • Reservation Day: 4/9/2023
  • Go Home Day: 5/7/2023 - 5/13/23
  • Kappa’s Parents
  • King: Galaxy - Charcoal Silver (Apb/a, I/i, C/cs)
  • Queen: Nova - Silver (A/Apb, I/i)

Kappa is affectionate, outgoing, and a captivating conversationalist. She’s always eager to share about her day or request some well-deserved pets. When she’s craving attention, her meows take on a unique elongated, and rolled quality, impossible to ignore. At the sound of her name, Kappa comes running, eager to receive a lavish reward of affection. A true family-oriented feline, she delights in participating in various activities with her human companions. While she may maintain an air of indifference towards other cats, her bond with her best friend Lambda is undeniable—they’re often found snuggling or playing together. An active soul, Kappa finds joy in a spirited run on the cat wheel and indulging in play with springs, balls, and wands. Kappa would flourish in a home with her sister Lambda, a laid-back calm cat, or even on her own, as long as she receives ample love and attention from her family.