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  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Silver
  • Birthday: 8/5/23
  • Name Origin: Nearest Galaxies
  • Release Day: 10/2/23
  • Go Home Week: 11/3/23 - 11/9/23
  • Phoenix’s Parents
  • King: Galaxy - Charcoal Silver (Apb/a, I/i, C/cs)
  • Queen: Nova - Silver (D/d, A/Apb, I/i)

Phoenix is a confident, affectionate, and social big boy, brimming with energy. He adores his runs on the cat wheel, leaping after balls and springs, and chasing wands. But what he loves most is playing with his pals! He’s a true social butterfly, happiest when surrounded by both his human and feline friends. When it’s time to rest, you’ll often find him curled up with a sibling or lounging on your lap, soaking up affection. Phoenix is quite the charmer—he’ll greet you at the door with a sweet “meow,” standing on his back legs and gently pawing for attention. His meow is uniquely rolled, adding to his charm. Phoenix is a laid-back guy who thrives with companionship. If you’re considering adopting him along with a friend, Andromeda, Milky Way, Rigel, Aldebaran, or Sirius would make an excellent choice!