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Adoption and Prices

3 Steps to Adopting Your Pet Perfect Bengals Kitten

1. Kitten Application

Become a Pre-Approved Future Guardian by agreeing to the Pet Perfect Bengals Kitten Sales Contract and completing the Kitten Application


After submitting the Kitten Application it will be forwarded to Pet Perfect Bengals for review, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

If approved, you will receive a username and password to login to the Pet Perfect Bengals Portal.

2. Reserve Your Pet Perfect Bengals Kitten

Kittens will be released for reservation once they’ve received their first sets of vaccines around 8 weeks old. Once the kitten is open for reservation a text message will be sent to Pre-Approved Guardians notifying them. At that time, you will login to your portal to reserve your kitten.


The Reservation Payment is non-refundable and will be applied to the Purchase price of your Bengal.

3. Transportation & Pick up

Pet Perfect Bengals are ready to go to their forever homes between 12-16 weeks.


You can choose to pick your kitten up at Pet Perfect Bengals Cattery in Minnesota or meet at the Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) airport.

Pet Perfect Bengals can also personally fly (in-cabin nanny) your kitten to your local airport for the cost of the plane ticket, +airline pet carry-on fee ($125) and in-cabin nanny fee ($350).

We refuse to offer Cargo transport. We believe this is a dangerous method that can lead to serious injury or death.


The Final Payment for your Bengal kitten is due in Cash only on Go Home Day.


**Visit Kitten Care for information on how to prepare for your new Bengal kitten

No Waiting List For a Kitten

Pet Perfect Bengals does not have a Waiting List. Therefore, everyone that is a Pre-Approved Guardian has an equal opportunity to reserve a kitten!


Pet Perfect Bengals has the right to reserve any kitten at any time to anyone without first offering them to Pre-Approved Guardians. This means you may see a kitten on the website, and it never becomes available. It goes directly from “Not Available Yet” to “Reserved” status.


Priority Pick is an exclusive group where you have the opportunity to choose your kitten before they are offered to the Approved Guardians.

You have Priority Pick if you fall into one of the 3 categories below.

Purchasing Breeder Rights:

Our goal is to better the Bengal’s health, temperament, and type; this, along with the stringent specifications of each breeder’s program are reasons for breeders to have the first pick.

*PPB only allows TICA/CFA registered established breeders to purchase breeding rights. PPB reserves the right to refuse the sale of breeding rights at any time and for any reason.

Buying 2 kittens from the same litter:

This can help with the kitten’s emotional and mental state when in new situations by lessening stress and building confidence in each other. Playing with one another will help with mental stimulation and release energy that might otherwise be distributed negatively.

Previous buyer:

We value and appreciate you!

If a release day/time has been posted on the website and then you see the kitten has been reserved before then, it is because someone from the Priority Picks has requested to reserve this kitten.


*If you qualify for Priority Pick and would like to take advantage of this opportunity please Contact Pet Perfect Bengals.


Prices –

Kitten Adoption Price: $2,000 (paid in the 2 payments, listed below)

Kitten Reservation Payment: $500

Final Payment: $1,500 (Due at time of Pick up)


Kitten Adoption with Breeder Rights: $4,500 (paid in the 2 payments, listed below)

Kitten with Breeder Rights Reservation Payment: $1,125

Final Payment: $3,375 (Due at time of Pick up)


Retired Cats available as Pampered Pets: $500- $1,500 (paid in the 2 payments, listed below)

Cat Reservation Payment: 25% of the Purchase price

Final Payment: 75% of the Purchase price (Due at time of Pick up)



We accept Zelle and Credit Cards with service fees applied.

The state of MN requires PPB to collect sales tax which is 7.875% (2024).

This sales tax (and service fee – if applicable) will be added to the total cost to get a Grand Total.


Grand total = Total cost of Kitten + MN sales tax + Service Fees (if applicable)


Shipping and related expenses must be paid for before booking flights


Prices are Final and non-negotiable.  Payments are non-refundable at all times.