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General Description

General Description

The Bengal is a domestic cat which has physical features distinctive to the small forest-dwelling wildcats and with the loving, dependable temperament of the domestic cat. A Bengal cat is an athletic animal, alert to its surroundings; a friendly, curious, confident cat with strength, agility, balance, and grace. It is a medium to large cat weighing between 6-15 pounds which exhibits a very muscular and solid build. Its wide nose with prominent whisker pads and large oval, almost round eyes in a slightly small head enhance the wild appearance and expressive nocturnal look. It's very slight to nearly straight, concave profile, and relatively short ears with a wide base and rounded tips add to the Bengal's distinctive and unique appearance. The short, dense coat, which may be spotted/rosetted or marbled, has a uniquely soft and silky feel. A Bengals coat comes in four main colors; brown, silver, snow, and blue, which may or may not be glittered.



Broad modified wedge with rounded contours. Longer than It is wide. Slightly small in proportion to the body, but not to be taken to the extreme. The skull behind the ears makes a gentle curve and flows into the neck. The overall look of the head should be as distinct from the domestic cat as possible.


Medium to small, relatively short, with a wide base and rounded tops. Set as much on the side as the top of the head, following the contour of the face in the front view and pointing forward in the profile view.


Oval, almost round. Large, but not bugged. Set wide apart, back into the face, and on slight bias toward the base of the ear. Eye color is independent of coat color except in the lynx points.


Strong chin, aligns with tip of the nose in profile.


Full and broad, with large prominent whisker pads and high, pronounced cheekbones. Slight muzzle break at the whisker pads.


Large and wide; slightly puffed nose leather.


The curve of the forehead should flow into the bridge of the nose with no break. The bridge of the nose extends above the eyes; the line of the bridge extends to the nose tip, making a very slight, to nearly straight, concave curve.


Long substantial, muscular; in proportion to the head and body.



Long and substantial, not oriental or foreign. Medium to large.


Medium length, slightly longer in the back than the front.


Medium length, thick, tapered at the end with a rounded tip.


Sturdy, firm, and never delicate.


Very muscular, especially in the males, one of the most distinguishing features.

Credit and more information can be found at TICA Bengal Breed Group