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Bengal Cat Personality

Bengals tend to be highly intelligent, energetic, and affectionate cats, however, each Bengal has their own distinct personality and characteristics. A kitten's environment, parents, and early socialization all play a key role in a Bengal's temperament and personality. At Pet Perfect Bengals, we not only selectively choose our kings and queens with this in mind but also follow a strict socialization regimen from an early age in order to give you the most well-rounded kitten possible. Our goal is to produce healthy, socialized, and confident Bengal kittens with sweet temperaments and playful personalities that will be your Pet Perfect Bengal for LIFE!

Climbing Higher

Climbing cat poles, cat trees, and leaping from cat shelf to cat shelf, Bengals are happy to demonstrate their love of heights. You can expect your Bengal to scale your furniture, bookshelves, countertops, and kitchen tops, anything to get them closer to the sky. One of the Bengals favorite activity is to sit, elevated on a shelf, and observe the world around them. Many Bengals do not feel completely safe or at home without this important element added to their life. Because of this, it is crucial to provide your Bengal with plenty of vertical space. You can do this by adding climbing poles, cat trees, and shelves high up on your walls.

Water Lover

Bengals love water not only to drink but also to play in. If turning on a faucet to brush your teeth, wash your hands or take a shower, don't be surprised when your Bengals come running. While doing the dishes, you might receive a helping “paw”. We recommend Water fountains to encourage hydration as Bengals prefer running water. They may try to dig a hole through the bottom of the water dish or daintily dip their paws and lick. Having multiple places where water bowls and fountains are accessible will help your Bengal stay happy and healthy.

Ball of Energy

If Bengals had a motto it would be "Play Play PLAY!!!". Running, jumping, and climbing on everything while chasing balls, mousies, feathers, and friends. What's that, friends? Yes, that's right, two cats are better than one. Together they can interact with and investigate their environment. They will enjoy stalking, chasing, sneaking, pouncing, swatting, kicking, and ambushing each other. By providing a window shelf, they will enjoy watching birds, squirrels, and other animals. In fact, they love the outdoors and would enjoy an outdoor enclosure or a walk using a leash and harness. Having cat trees, toys, and cat wheels available at all times, will help your Bengal channel their energy in the right direction. Bengals are great at turning anything into a toy. If you don't keep them entertained, they will find a way to amuse themselves by chewing cords, getting into cupboards, drawers, garbage cans, and anything left on the table, counters, or floor. Please, be careful and remember to put dangerous items away, so your kitten doesn't get hurt.

Cuddly Companion

Bengals may be sweet, lovable pets, but they are not couch potatoes. They may not want to cuddle all day like some cats, but they will love you with every ounce of their tiny heart. When they are tired from exploring their environment, chasing toy mice, running on their wheel, or climbing cat trees, they may cuddle on your lap for a quick snooze. Bengals will also, in general, ALWAYS want to be where you are. With their affectionate temperament and loving personality, they will do almost anything to get your attention. Laying next to you in bed purring, waking you up in the morning with their adorable meows, cuddling with your other pets, or greeting you at the door when you come home.

Clever Kittens

Bengals are intelligent and curious cats that require a considerable amount of daily mental stimulation. They thrive when given an environment with an excess of attention, interaction, and new things to learn and experience. Bengals can be taught to use the toilet, open doors or drawers, and follow commands such as sit, lay, roll over, and high-five. They are eager learners when it comes to fetching balls, sticks, or mousies. This may quickly become your Bengal’s favorite activity. If the time and effort is put into teaching, there is no doubt your Bengal will learn. Best of all, training requires lots of interaction and attention from you which your Bengal will love!