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  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Charcoal Silver
  • Birthday: 2/25/2023
  • Name Origin: Winter Hexagon Litter Constellation
  • Reservation Day: 4/22/2023
  • Go Home Day: 5/20/2023 - 5/26/2023
  • Rigel’s Parents
  • King: Galaxy - Charcoal Silver (Apb/a, I/i, C/cs)
  • Queen: Eclypse - Charcoal Silver Snow Lynx (Apb/Apb, I/i, cs/cs)

Rigel is a gem of a companion, boasting an exceptional temperament that harmonizes effortlessly with everyone he encounters. Intelligent, spirited, and overflowing with affection, he showers both humans and animals with his boundless warmth. With his poised and easygoing demeanor, he adapts seamlessly to new environments. His favorite place in the world is nestled on your lap or perched atop your shoulders. He’s not shy about expressing his desires—often, he’ll subtly request to be picked up by trailing after you, his big green eyes pleading for attention. Rigel is a helpful soul, eager to assist with daily tasks. While you wash the dishes, he’ll perch at the kitchen sink, meticulously inspecting each dish to ensure they’re sparkling clean. And during sweeping sessions, he’ll energetically chase the broom, ensuring every speck of dust finds its way into the dustpan. An energetic spirit, Rigel thrives on activities like sprinting on the cat wheel and engaging with toys and companions. His remarkable intelligence and fondness for treats make him a prime candidate for learning tricks. Social to the core, he revels in grooming, playing, and napping alongside his feline pals. Rigel is ideally suited for multi-cat households where there’s ample time for love and attention. He’d be over the moon to share a home with one of his cherished friends—whether it’s Aldebaran, Sirius, Phoenix, Milky Way, or Andromeda.