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  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Charcoal lynx
  • Birth Day: 2/25/2023
  • Name Origin: Winter Hexagon Litter Constellation
  • Reservation Day: 4/22/2023
  • Go Home Day: 5/20/2023 - 5/26/2023
  • Sirius’s Parents
  • King: Galaxy - Charcoal Silver (Apb/a, I/i, C/cs)
  • Queen: Eclypse - Charcoal Silver Snow Lynx (Apb/Apb, I/i, cs/cs)

Sirius’s mesmerizing blue eyes perfectly complement his tranquil and gentle demeanor. He’s the epitome of a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, sporting a laid-back attitude that makes him a joy to be around. Sirius loves affection and pets, often responding with a contented purr and a graceful arch of his beautifully patterned back. Whether cozied up on your lap or quietly observing your daily routines, Sirius finds comfort in your presence. Despite his imposing size and sturdy build, he maintains a serene disposition. While not overly energetic, he delights in the occasional romp on the cat wheel or engaging you with a playful game. Sirius would make an excellent addition to families with young children. While he’d enjoy being part of a home with one of his friends Aldebaran, Rigel, or Phoenix, he’d also thrive in a loving household where he’s the center of attention.